Z Stuhl

This is how it all started with our little store of hand-picked interior design items …

We love Z Stuhl and use it in our different homes inside and outside, with and without armrests. We enjoy the vintage version, but one day came the idea to let them be painted in more colours. Luckily we found a painter who was brave enough to start the first series with some used vintage Z Stuhls. After grinding, polishing and performing some magic, the chairs got a new face.

We chose matte finish in shiny yellow, elegant black and classic white – and we just fell in love again! The matt paint looks so very precious and a little touch of imperfection makes them absolutely charming – real vintage with a beautiful new coat.

These chairs are great around a dining table or as a single eye-catcher in your house. We are sorry to say that the first edition is already sold out – but the good news is that we can produce one or more for you personally in any colour you prefer. Drop us a line to speak about details: hello@casaolmar-store.com

Mid Century Chair, 1968
Design by Ernst Moeckl
Produced by VEB Petrochemical Combine, GDR
It is the East-German pendant to Panton Chair in West-Germany, also called Cangaroo Chair/Variopur Chair – as the special material is called Variopur.

Width: 45 cm
Depth: 52 cm
Height: 77 cm
Seating height: 44 cm