Tiki Glasses

Next to Tajo river, on a terrace of the very welcoming Restaurant at Museo Colecao Berardo Lisboa, I was served a simple Coca Cola on ice in one of these fancy Tiki Glasses. Very delighted, I started research where to get them – to be able to enjoy drinks like that at home. That‘s what you don‘t have to do anymore – just drop us a line and we send them over to you: hello@casaolmar-store.com

Crazy Tiki Glasses inviting you for a winter Longdrink. Make yourself and your beloved ones comfortable at home and relax with a fancy drink – what about Gin Tonic for you and a Berry Punsch for the kids?! All tastes better in style.

This picture shows the „heavy version“ with thick glass.
Each glass shows 2 faces (all the same).
12 € each

This shows the „light version“ with 4 different faces.
8 € each